Buy the brown model if you can.

Have had this bike for about 2 weeks, treated it roughly, and haven't had any problems.  The front suspension (RST Gila Plus-T6) is surprisingly good so far, aside from the weight.  Just after purchasing the bike, I took it for a 'stress test', and when I finished I could see that the forks had travelled approximately 80mm.  (This was after a three foot drop where I tried to use my body weight to compress them - 180 lbs).  If they truly have 100mm of travel and they prove to be durable, this bike is the best value for any type of cross-country riding.  The seat was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I've gotten used to it.  The disc brakes are awesome so far.  They are not too 'grabby', which I find useful on steep downhills, and they are not noisy so far.  The SRAM SX-4 rear derailleur seems good too.  This is my first bike without Shimano components, and I was a little worried about this prior to purchasing the bike.  The SRAM system feels solid, has no plastic parts (that I can see), and keeps lots of tension on the chain.  So far, I have no regrets about purchasing this bike.


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