trek 1.0 pilot for 10 mile rides

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My bike salesman said for speed and comfort the pilot 1.0 is fine cheaper parts than the 1.2 and up so does that mean i cant race its more just comfort and speed .

i bike the roads 10 miles a day and need to fly but want to spend about $700 is it a cheap road bike or great for non pro's . The other bike guy says its crap and only

sells me a 1.2  how do i know 

I just went to a bike shop where I spoke to the owner (as other people were busy) about a new bike for my wife.  A note on the bike shop - the bike shop is an incredibly popular bike shop and is beloved by bike enthusiasts of all skill level.  On w/ the story... My wife wants a bike that will give her comfort, distance, use w/ trailer or trail-a-bike, and reliability.  The owner recommended a hybrid at first but my wife wanted a speedier bike w/ curve handle bars.  So we moved to the Trek Pilot series.  We looked at Pilo 1.0, 1.2, and 2.0.  He said the 2.0 parts are definitely better but 1.0 and 1.2 are very comparable and noway has "cheap parts" by any means and compared to my entry level Lemond Nevada City bike - which is really good.  They are putting a new 1.0 together for her to test drive tomorrow or saturday.  The bike he said is definitely a great entry level bike for what she needs it for and furthermore it will take larger size wheels for off-road...
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