2007 Nissan Sentra reviews

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Edmunds.com review - 7.1/10

With a stylish interior design and roomy seating, the 2007 Nissan Sentra is a solid choice in the economy sedan category, especially for taller buyers. Just don't expect much in the way of driving excitement, even on the SE-R models.

Chicago Tribune review by Jim Mateja

Credit Nissan, too, with responding to women who are asking for places to store their purses other than on the passenger seat. Open the Sentra glove box and a small space in the lid will hold a map or pair of gloves. But lower the lid and find space that seems to reach all the way to the headlamps. Might hold a small laptop, but for sure a purse. Neat.

As evidence of attention to detail, there's a small, covered compartment in the dash left of the steering wheel for coins or parking passes; a pair of cupholders in the center console that adjust to small to large cups; a cell phone holder behind the cupholders; and a deep, though not wide, stowage bin under the center armrest upfront.

Cars.com review by Joe Wiesenfelder

Considering how tough the competition is in this segment, I think the Sentra will excel, even against class leaders. The Caliber body style seems to appeal to a different buyer, and though recently introduced, the Chevrolet Cobalt can't hold a candle to the Sentra. Of these two, the Cobalt gets dismissed by many shoppers because of its pedestrian styling. The Sentra runs a similar risk. We'll have to see how it sells.

About.com review - 4.5/5

The Sentra's most capable adversary is the Honda Civic, which runs neck-and-neck for modern styling and edges out the Sentra on fuel economy, plus it boasts standard antilock brakes and an optional navigation system. To me, though, the Sentra offers more personality and better value-for-money. And if I'm going to forgo a clutch pedal, I'll take the Sentra's CVT over the Civic's 5-speed automatic. Which is the best compact? They're pretty close -- but the Sentra is the one I'd buy.

Automotive.com review

The word that applies to every aspect of the all-new 2007 Sentra is solid. Nissan has nailed this one, from a design standpoint. It's got a new engine, chassis, styling and interior, all of which are excellent and will keep the Sentra near the top of its competitive class of well-built cars. For the price, the Sentra is a great value.

Autobytel review

It's only been a year since the small car revolution took hold on these shores, yet we're already spoiled. Thanks, Fit. And you Versa, thanks for showing us what a small car should be, and why old vehicles like the Sentra are fading out of sight. Unfortunately, even the new Sentra feels like an old car when compared to the new small cars. The ride is soft and boring, the interior comfortable and quiet but not excellent or very innovative. Performance numbingly average -- an average car for average money. Isn't that fair? Okay. Maybe. But three cars over on the lot sits the Versa, as a less expensive, above average option. Which one would you buy?


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