Which notebook is best?

Posted by avatarBodin last updated June 16, 2007 at 5:28 pm

for university... get something within your budget

I have a Gateway and my girlfriend has a Macbook. The macbook was at least 400 dollars more (we got the middle model) but came with a lot of useful software. Macbooks are really simple to use and there isn't much of a learning curve compared to a PC. But of course there is the price difference. My Gateway has a great... or decent graphics processor and that is why I chose a Gateway.

If you're taking notes and thats all you're going to use it for buy the cheapest and lightest laptop you can get your hands on. Since you may have a desktop at home and you don't need all the expensive hardware of a mac and compariable laptop(s) it would be best for you to get something that won't break the bank.