Buy R4i Save Dongle--Backing up 3DS/DSi/DS original game save data

$19.00 Released January, 2014

Product Shot 1R4i save dongle is a useful tool for backing up and restoring 3DS/DSi/DS original game save data to allow you share game save files from Original Cartridges with everyone . This dongle super easy installation and utilisation, transfert speeds are impressive, full compatibility with every type of cartridges and save types for all the games tested so far.


  • Really easy to use once you get over the software installation steps that can be quite confusing without proper information on the box that came with it.
  • Useful when needing to backup/restore a save file from and to the original game cartridge.
  • Totally good because its legitimate method without having to worry about piracy protection issues
  • The body looks sturdy enough for a plastic device.
  • Really nice and useful if you want to share save file, especially if the save file contain ‘special’ items/downloaded event.
  • Very good for overcoming the issue with some cartridge protection in preventing the save file from being deleted.
  • Useful when wanting to replace an exsisting save file with a clean or modified copy.

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Anonymous: #buy_r4i_save_dongle_backing_up_3ds_dsi_ds_original_game_save_data where can i buy the R4i Save Dongle ? i saw there is a store are selling it , but i dont know whether they are the same Jun 30, 14
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