Cat Cocoon

Posted by avatarjumpymaniac971 last updated May 6, 2006 at 10:38 pm

Wow, that's pretty cool!  Definitely cooler than the monstrous carpetted scratching post that sits out in my living room for all to see.  Also, my cat would love to hide out there when the vaccuum comes out.  Actually he would probably like to hide out there quite a bit.  He really likes to play hide and seek.  I'm curious about something though, it looks tiny, how big is it?  The cat - actually looks more like a kitten - looks like 3 lbs.  I'm wondering if they come in different sizes.  Not that I'm ready to spend the $300 on it.  As ugly as my scratching post is it's no more than $15.  Well, I've become such a sucker for my cat, I wouldn't be surprised if I did get it.  Well, it's a cool idea.  Thanks for making me aware of it!