Anyone find all 45 pieces of evidence on the second puzzle?

Posted by avatarstormyporcupine611 last updated April 10, 2006 at 9:32 pm

You wander around finding clues/pieces of evidence and questioning/interrogating people (suspects, witnesses, etc).

This is the fourth CSI game in the franchise but the first to use a more 3D way of looking at things (still not as 3D as many games but you can pan and zoom most locations - the first three games you saw things as 3D but had no capability to move at all, apart from focussing on hot-spots).

I enjoy this kinda stuff (hence owning all four games).

You actually don't need to find *every* piece of evidence to complete a level, merely the key ones.  Hence, I have finished this level but just want to "complete" it before going to the next one (otherwise I would have to redo it from scratch).

Likewise, the people who make the walkthroughs are just experienced gamers and may not find every tiny clue...

Hope this helps,