The 7 Best Games for Halloween

by Omar Oct 25, 2006 fileunderFound in Dead Rising

Halloween is here next week and in anticipation I've put together the ultimate list for scary games. For extra effect play these by yourself with the lights off, even the oldies will be sure to cause some jumps.

1. Alone in the Dark

The series that started it all, Alone in the Dark is the first survival horror game released for the PC in 1994. You probably won't be frightened by the pixelated monsters if you can even get the game to run, but Alone in the Dark is a piece of gaming history. If you can't stomach the outdated graphics then you can pickup any one of the multitude of sequels that have been released over the past 10 years, with a new next-gen version slated to be released next year, for next Halloween.


2. Resident Evil

Be the master of unlocking. The original Resident Evil brought B-style horror movies to consoles and marked itself as the greatest source for cheesy live-action FMV quotes. Capcom has ensured that the Resident Evil series maintains a high level of quality making every game in the series worthy of a play through. Resident Evil 4, the most recent game, is hailed as one of the greatest games of all time, even if it moves away from the traditional survival-horror genre into more action based gaming. I still recommend playing through the original. Experience the zombie decapitation, the dogs, the licker just like millions did 10 years ago. Again, if you can't take the outdated graphics, or don't have a working Playstation you can pickup Resident Evil: Remake on the Gamecube which has updated graphics and a bunch of new content.

3. System Shock 2

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.A cult classic through and through. System Shock drips with atmosphere and defines creepy as you make your way through the game struggling to survive. Played from the first-person, but no first-person shooter, you have to immerse yourself in the world, upgrading yourself and working through mind-bending puzzles. Put your headphones on and play one of the greatest games ever.


4. Silent Hill would someone make a town over Hell? I have no idea, but it makes for some amazing experiences. Every Silent Hill game can stand on its own with each one having a unique cast of fully developed characters, with the common theme of the damned city of Silent Hill. Silent Hill 2 is regarded as one of the best in the series featuring an extremely well developed and mature plot that will stay with you for a long time to come. These games aren't about action. Silent Hill is about emotion, and putting everyday people in some very messed up situations as they deal with their own inner demons.

5. Fatal Frame Fatal Frame series isn't nearly as popular or well-known as the rest of the games mentioned here, but it's definitely among the creepiest. Fatal Frame forgoes the usual tradition of fighting ethereal spirits with everday weapons like shotguns and rocket launchers and forces the characters to use a different kind of weapon: a camera. Scary huh? I think this is one of the first games to use the phrase Based on a true story so that's gotta be worth something. Plus, in Fatal Frame you're actually the one playing the creepy little girl instead of being terrorized by her.


6. Condemned for the Xbox 360, Condemned is the sleeper hit that puts CSI in the world of Saw. Play the role of a detective out to catch a serial killer that beats the tar out of a lot of bums. The next-gen visuals and audio make this an especially immersive experience with great voice acting and cutscenes to carry the story along. Hand-to-Hand fighting is brutal as you use the nearest available lead pipe to bash crazed bum's heads in. It's not all hobo-beating as you do regular detective activities such as investigating murder scenes looking for evidence. If you're on the fence about this one, just download the demo as it gives a very good idea on what to expect.

7. Dead Rising you don't want to be scared. Sometimes you just want to dismember, decapitate, destroy and demolish and plow through thousands of undead corpses. Enter Dead Rising. Choose from hundreds of everyday household items like bowling balls and katanas to kill as many zombies as possible. And I think you're supposed to help people and figure out where all the zombies are coming from as well. But the best part is killing them. All of them.




1.  avatar SilenceOmo7 said:

Notice that all of these games are rated M? I still hope to rent resident evil four this halloween though. It will take some convincing, I'm not allowed to play M games.
Oct 26, 2006 6:49pm
2.  avatar Omar said:

Ya, most of these games are pretty intense. Even Resident Evil 4 is pretty hardcore, there are some rather gruesome moments in there so you gotta be sure you can handle it. Condemned is pretty hardcore as well.
Oct 26, 2006 7:37pm
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