I am looking for a wireless karaoke mic that would work on my car radio cassette using the FM frequency.
I have found on your website 2 models that are said to do so, and I am interested more in the 11000 model, but it doesn't say in the specifications which frequencies it works on, and when downloaded the manual for the 11000, it did not say anything about using it on the FM frequencies on regular radios such as home stereo or car radios, although it says in the introduction the following "Want more: the Karaoke microphone can be used in a wireless mode too using its internal FM transmitter. Therefore, no wires to trip on while dancing to the tunes to your FM radio."
Please inform me with the accurate information regarding the 11000 model and if it works on FM radios or not.
Also when used in a car, how do I add the extra song chips if I will not be using the microphone stand, or do I only use the built in songs?
possible options found on your website are:
1)    EnterTech ED-11000 Magic Sing Rechargeable Karaoke Microphone, 
2)    EnterTech ED-8000 Magic Sing Karaoke Microphone
Thank you