Geek Fashion

Posted by avatarrobotreefrog791 last updated March 10, 2006 at 10:20 am

I strongly agree with a lot of what you wrote.  The tapered and/or pleated look is definitely a no no.  And the XXL on skinny guys, absolutely wrong.  The positioning of the waistline is also a good one.  It drives me mad when guys wear their pants so low (just below their butt cheeks) it makes them walk funny.  Anything that makes you look awkward or uncomfortable is a NO!!

But here's where I'm not feeling 'ya: the sandals.  Yes, I know what you're picturing.  The computer geek in sky-blue tapered jeans with the teva-like sandal (even with socks sometimes!).  Bad look.  Agreed.  However, I don't think sandals are completely wrong.  We all love to have our feet breath in the hot summer months and I don't think men should be banned from this.  They just need to take care of their toes and pick the right kind of sandal.  I have no problem with men in a casual environment wearing some nice flip-flops.  It's not high-fashion, but at the same time I wouldn't say it's a fasion no-no.