Jeans for Long

Posted by avatarsanti last updated March 27, 2006 at 9:12 am

Hmmm....I'd definitely like to try citizens of humanity pants then! 

I just came back from New York and bought a pair of jeans from Adriano Goldschmied.  They come in regular and long.  The regulars are about 33" and the Longs are 35".  I bought "The Club" style and I really like them.  They are made for more curvy girls so they fit me very well in butt and hips.  No gapping in the back or anything!  Usually I need to get my jeans taken in in the back because I need to buy a size big enough to fit my thighs and hips so they're usually too big in the waist but this style fits well everywhere.

Zara is good for length.  I've bought pants there before.  However, sometimes they don't always fit me so well in other places.  Also, I sometimes find their clothes don't wear that well.  I really like a lot of their stuff but I don't find they're made all that well, unfortunately.