Jeans for Long

Posted by avatarmajornietzsche616 last updated July 31, 2006 at 4:00 pm

Hey Ya'll!
I am also one that is always looking for a longer jean!
I am 6'1' and need a 36'' inseam at the VERY  LEAST!
I have always bought my jeans at The Buckle (BKE Jeans), but also Lucky Brand (that they carry at The Buckle), Silver Jeans, Parasuco that I bought at Tall Girl, or try for the more dressy looks. They also carry trousers, blazers, shirts and skirts for the longer legged/waisted women... and they JUST added a 39'' INSEAM!!! Yeah the website is pretty limited but I would suggest ordering a catalog, and they also have a Juniors section, and they always have great sales going on!
I've also ordered from Alloy, and Delia's just added long inseams too!
Well I hope that this helps!