Jeans for Long

Posted by avatarwhistlinhuckabee639 last updated January 2, 2007 at 2:47 pm


I have the exact same problem! Im 5'10 and most jeans come right above my ankles! So I finally found a brand that USUALLY, depending on what size you are has at least 34 inch inseam and is starting to make them 35 inches! They also have long sleeve shirts that actually cover your wrists, anyone else have that problem?

Anyway. I liked the brand so much, I opened up an online store, carrying the brand. Email me to find out each individual inseam. The ones with the black and silver studs run, depending on size about 35 inches.

Allen B. Schwartz also has jeans with about 35 inch inseams and can generally be unhemmed to be longer.

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Hope this helps ladies,