Jeans for Long

Posted by avatarkristina at KAJ last updated November 3, 2006 at 3:06 pm

Hi Girls.  My name is Kristina.  I just happened upon this sight searching for new lines to carry for my TALL clothing store.  We are located in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Our web site is  We carry Fidelity, Dish and Silver; these brands have very versatile fits.  Fidelity is by far the best however it is hard to find stores that carry the 36" inseams (We do though).  We don't do online ordering but please come visit our store if you are in the area.  Dress pants are very hard to find, so we design and produce our own.  Good luck in your searches, my business partner and I are 5'10 and 6' so we know it's tough.  Email me if you'd like, just get the address off the website. Kristina