Jeans for Long

Posted by avatarsolveig last updated February 1, 2008 at 1:12 pm


I need 36 inch inseam or better. Here's what I like:

JCPenney ANA Ultra tall jeans, they're a little low rise but not too much. And they're $22 or so which is great. They're much better than the JCPenney house brand St John's Bay. Get the dark wash.

Long Elegant Legs jeans when they're on sale, $35 or so, 36 or longer inseam and you can even get 39 inseam. $70 or so full price.

Gap jeans, 36 inch inseam they say, more like 35, but not too bad, $45 or so.

Keep an eye on The jeans are only 35 inch so I've decided I can't get them anymore, but the pants seem to be a little longer and they have big hems so can be taken down a little. The pants are $20 to $30 usually on the outlet site. Only down to size 8, though.

Also, if you can sew a little, look for any pants with cuffs. You can buy off the rack normal length, then just let the cuffs down. I do this with SpaceGirl pants from Ross, get'em for $12. They're fairly low rise of course.

For outdoor pants like hiking pants, which never come long enough, try Land's End and get them unhemmed. Or anything from land's end that you can get unhemmed.