Jeans for Long

Posted by avatarLong Tall Patty last updated June 24, 2008 at 8:52 pm

WOW! the coolest blog ever.  I've struggled with flood waters all of my life.  Anyone remember the guys store called Chess King?  Back in high school, I used to buy my jeans there.. or buying pants with cuffs, only to let the cuff out for the length!  I found some new sites, just ordered from  out of Dayton, OH and one of my favorites Tall, Etc. out of Pasadena, CA is closing their stores and website down. Just an FYI - their website has been bought by another out of OH.  A few others I've come acrossed are: Long Legs and Tall Like Me (both, I beleive out of Canada, and the exchange rate is pennies) Tall Girl Shop, Long Elegant Legs  the coolest site -  If in Europe, they do ship to the USA.  A few more (but not all pants come in 36") and (inseam only to 35" for the vertically challenged).  This should keep you all busy, there are others I have looked at, but pretty lame or short - take your pick!

PS for all sizes and widths in shoes, because if you have long legs... you're gonna have big feet (most of the time).  OK, time to quit.