Posted by avatarzestyskillz148 last updated April 17, 2006 at 1:21 pm

absolutely. I was told to go and change my connection settings...I have  a LAN, so i had to change a few things in there, Thought that I was doing correctly. I had to change the info so it read the IP address of my xbox in tcp/icp protocol. I put that in. I also had to change the configuration settings on my broadcom 440x 10/100, not sure exactly what this is called. I guess that's my connection device, it's what I connect through. Well that's half of my problem...
     (also, when I am in the Broadcom settings, I was supposed to change the speed & duplex to      something to one of the following "10mb Full, 10mb Halp, 100mb F, 100mb H. another              something I don't remember.)
next, after I get all of that right I am supposed to go to FXP and click the connect button, quick connect and then i have to fill out the form. Server or Url:______________ (Not sure if important what I put in there) Username:____________ (Xbox??? I thought) Password:__________ (Xbox again I thought) and then I would click connect and have my way with it. That has not been the case, I cannot get the computer to register my xbox. If you know how to help me, I would really appreciate any help you can give me!!! Thank You