Geek Linear Power Supply

$499.00 Released July, 2014

Product Shot 1 The Geek Linear Power Supply (LPS) by Light Harmonic's LHLabs division is an audiophile-grade Linear Power Supply system for the Geek Pulse family of audio components. It was created by Light Harmonic founder and president Larry Ho in response to demand from the community of passionate backers and Geek product line aficionados known collectively as the "Geek Force.

" Light Harmonic operates a free forum for the Geek Force at Membership is free to all.



The LPS provides a single output of 12 volts of clean, stable DC power on the rear of the device and a single output of 5V via USB (also on the rear).

Additionally, the LPS has a pair of USB ports (one type B, one type A) on the front. The user can plug in a cable from their PC (or other USB data source) in the type B port and then connect another cable from the type A port to the target device (such as a Geek Pulse DAC).

All information received on the signal wires from the first cable (the source) will be passed through to the type A connectors, but the power from the source will be interrupted and replaced with 5V of clean power from LPS. Signal is passed through, power is replaced.

Alternately, users can use a split-leg power cable such as the Light Harmonic LightSpeed or LightSpeed 2G. This cable has one leg for power and one for signal, each is separately shielded and jacketed and fully terminated with a USB A connector. The cables converge into a single USB B connector where all pins are terminated as if it was a single cable connection.

Either cable option (pass-thru or split) allows users to use the LPS to isolate their sensitive Geek Pulse, Geek Out, or other USB-powered devices from the relatively noisy power provided by their computer's serial bus while keeping the signal intact.


Geek LPS 4 is Light Harmonic's solution to the base LPS not having enough 12V power outputs for multiple pieces of Geek gear. (The Geek series has additional units planned such as a network/WiFi music receiver, a phono stage, and a pre-amplifier). The LPS4 provides four 12V outputs and maintains the front-panel USB ports. It does not add any additional USB outputs.

Geek LPS 4 will be the same width and depth as Geek LPS, but it will be triple the height. It will use a 120VA OFC (99.999% pure copper) customized transformer, and will have 4 totally separate 12VDC routes, with all outputs on the back. The back panel will also provide one 5V USB output, just like Geek LPS.

The MSRP of the LPS4 is expected to be $100 USD higher ($599 USD)


The benefits of a Linear Power Supply are...
  • No switching power noise!
  • No need to recharge
  • Excellent system grounding


  • 110V/120V or 220V/240V 50/60 Hz AC input
  • 12V DC, 800mA output (uses the notoriously good power supply technology inside Da Vinci DAC)
  • 5V DC, 500mA output in front panel via USB-A connector (Can be used with Geek Out via split USB cable to reduce power noise from computer.)
  • 47,000uF Reservoir Capacitor (4700uF * 10) with zero switch-off noise Schottky diode
  • High Quality Noise Shielded Transformer (30VA LPS, 120VA LPS4)

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