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MSRP $179.00
Release date January, 2010
Brand Google, HTC
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The Google Nexus One (aka Google Phone) is Google's early 2010 flagship Google Android device showing off Android 2.1's capabilities. The hardware was engineered by HTC and Qualcomm, and it was launched on January 5, 2010. The Nexus One is sold either unlocked ($529) or subsidized with a T-Mobile contract ($179). Instead of being sold in traditional retail outlets, the touch screen phone sells directly to customers through the Google website ( At the time of launch, only a GSM version is available, whose 3G radio supports the AWS spectrum (used by T-Mobile in the USA and WIND in Canada) and the European 3G bands. At a later time in 2010, a CDMA version for Verizon is planned, and the device will debut in Europe under Vodafone. With Google Goggles (image-based search using the phone's camera), every text field in the OS being enabled for voice recognition, a 3D user interface with 5 homescreens, live wallpapers, haptic feedback, Google Maps Navigation, Android's excellent cloud integration with Google services, WiFi, GPS, accelerometer, proximity sensor, light sensor, digital compass, hi-resolution (800x480px) AMOLED display, 5MP camera with LED flash, noise cancellation microphone, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon (ARM v7 instruction set) processor at 1GHz, Google believably touts it as a 'superphone'.

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available contract-free directly from Google - carrier agnostic (for the most part), no contracts

1GHz Snapdragon CPU

Hi-res (480x800px) AMOLED 3.7" touchscreen.

large 3.7" AMOLED display

proximity sensor and accelerometer

comes with the latest Android platform revision (2.1)

available unlocked, and direct from Google

thin and sleek design

microSD card reader for external storage expansion up to 32GB

5MP camera with LED flash

voice input on every text field


includes Google Maps Navigation as well as Google's latest visual search functionality named Google Goggles

magnetic compass

microUSB port, located at the bottom of the device (easy to charge while phone in car holder for navigation etc.)

very snappy performance

Has a built in noise canceling.

dedicated physical volume rocker

customizable UI found on newer Android platforms

full version of Adobe Flash 10.1 coming soon, beta already demoed on Nexus One

stereo sound

Real emphasis on 3D

February 2nd update enabled multitouch (in browser, gallery and maps), upgrades maps, introduces Google Goggles

Quad-band GSM and tri-band 3G: works on major networks round the globe

Already ROOTED before it's official announcement!

Easy OTA Android OS upgrades. Froyo (2.2) coming soon with features that will blow the competitors away.

March 16 2010 update - now available for Rogers / AT&T (new model compatible with their 3G radio bands)

Trackball lights up as a notification of a new email, txt, etc.

battery capacity can be boosted to 3200mAh (from 1400mAh) via 3rd party offering (Seidio)

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limited internal storage (512MB flash RAM for apps & data, 512MB ROM for OS & modem firmware)

Touch screen not as accurate and responsive as other phones

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