Anybody Else Hate Cleaning?

Posted by avatarOmar last updated September 18, 2006 at 6:14 pm

It's not that I hate the act itself, in fact I think cleaning is very therapeutic and relaxing.  The reason why I hate cleaning rooms and such myself is because I become very OCD in cleanliness.  I can be considered a perfectionist, and I take pride in my work, so whatever I set out to do, I make sure to do properly.  This is why cleaning can make me extremely frustrated, I'm not satisfied until the room or object I'm cleaning is entirely spotless.  100%.  No exceptions.


As soon as I clean one section and start another, I turn back and another spec of dust has infiltrated the vacant space I just created.  Every time.  Every space.  It's never totally 100% clean.  And it drives me insane.  All I want is that 5 minutes of satisfaction where I can step back from the work I've produced and admire a job well done.  When it's cleaning I look and just see more dirt starting to accumulate, it's never ending.

Obviously I can't NOT clean, that's just disgusting.  Maybe I can buy an abode that has a completely black interior... but I figure it'd be 2 weeks before I went psycho.