Benefits to Being a Member

by Omar Nov 26, 2005 fileunderFound in Home

There are many benefits to being a member, some of which are listed here. Registering for an account is easy, do it now!


Everything you contribute is credited to you, otherwise the credit goes to a random anonymous account which anybody can take. If you are a particular expert in some aspect of product information then you can establish yourself as being knowledgeable to the rest of the community by your contributions. People who make significant contributions to the website will also be recognized and hopefully be willing to take on more responsibilities.


It's nicer to see people's names when looking at who has a product or made some edit. People who are like-minded and share similar consumer interests can connect and establish communities to figure out policies for their sections.

User Page

You will also be in control of your own user page, where you can write some information about yourself, have a personal avatar and monitor items on your watchlist.

More Editing

Members can not only edit content, they can also upload images and add new products. Members can also flag items they are particularly interested in by adding the item to their watchlist. Items on the watchlist when viewed will show the user how many edits have occurred since they last marked the item.


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