Diagram of a ProductWiki product page

by Omar Apr 2, 2007 fileunderFound in Home

1. Category - the category to which this product belongs

2. Edit this page link - click on this to display the different ways you can edit and improve this product's information

3. Product title

4. Description - objective and accurate information that explains the essential details about the product and what it offers

5. Tapping - tell the world that you want, love, or have the product, or create your own custom lists with tags

6. Where to buy - price comparison services supplied by Shopping.com (automatically generated)

7. Collaborative reviews


9. Similar products - a list of products on the site that match this product closest (automatically generated)

10. Product image - click on the image to view a larger size

11. Small image gallery - click on the thumbnails to view a larger version, click "vew gallery" to see all images associated with the product

12. Key features - the most important specifications and attributes about the product, categorized according to their property

13. Contribute - add extra content to the product such as a detailed review, or a link to the manufacturer

14. Share - bookmark the page for yourself or send this page to a friend to have them check it out themselves

15. Google Ads


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