Editing an Image

by Omar Mar 14, 2006 fileunderFound in Home

To edit an image first go to that image's page.  Once on the image click on the edit link underneath the title.  This brings you to the edit-view of the image where you can change the title, picture, summary, or modify the tags.  If you want to upload a new picture to replace the current one, click on the Change Picture link, this will make a upload field appear. Click on the button Browse and choose which new picture you'd like to upload.  When finished with your edits click on the Save button.  If you've decided to upload a new picture for this image, then the uploading of the image will occur when you click on save.  If the picture you are uploading is large, or you hae a slow uploading speed, then uploading a picture may take up to a few minutes.  Let the page finish loading so you don't corrupt the changes being made.


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