How to use ProductWiki for promotion

by Erik Nov 10, 2006 fileunderFound in Home

Here is a rundown about the most effective ways to promote your self, product, website or store on ProductWiki. Our website in a lot of ways caters to the smaller guys, giving them a platform to market their products and services.

We’ve found that users (and search engines) prefer a subtle and genuine approach to self-promotion. People are pretty savvy and can usually spot a shill right away.

So what is the right way? The key themes are quality and trust

1. Add your products

If you follow certain quality guidelines, our moderators will promote good products to the homepage.

What we’re looking for:

  • Clear, descriptive, succinct title
  • Impartial product description (aim for a minimum of 50 words)
  • Something similar to what you would see in a catalog (avoid unsubstantiated claims)
  • Proper categorization of the product (e.g. women’s boots)
  • Filled in product’s key features (e.g. boot height, price, manufacturer)

We encourage you to add a link to your product page on your site. We also encourage you to add your product's website to your product page (although those that appear to only sell product without adding any valuable information to the product entry will be seen as spam and removed).

If you have something to say about the product that is opinionated, add it to the comments section.

2. Build up your user profile

If you have already registered for the site, you need to fill out your pertinent information. This will create your identity on ProductWiki and will help build trust in our users and they will be more likely to visit your site, buy stuff, link to, and tell their friends about you.

Areas to work on:

  • Upload your avatar (an image or photo that best describes you or the company you represent, be creative)
  • Fill out a description of yourself/your company (do anything you like, include links)
  • Add your website in your profile settings (this will show up along with your user profile)

Have a look a The Simple Leaf’s profile. They are a community member who runs an online tea business and uses ProductWiki to promote their stuff. They have seen some early success.

Now, with a spiffy profile, whenever you add anything (products, comments, taps) to ProductWiki people will come and check you out (We have a counter of how many profile views you’re getting too). A great marketing opportunity…

3. Actively contribute to ProductWiki

By sharing your honest (non-shill) comments on ProductWiki, you are building up trust with other community members. Whatever social practices work in real-life, tends to work online. Don’t just contribute and comment about your own stuff, branch out. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it works.

Some easy ways to contribute:

  • Tap products that you’re interested in (they will show up on your profile page and in your lists)
  • Comment on products if you have something more to say
  • Join discussions and add comments to articles
  • Write an article (it could take time, but it has a good payoff)


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