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by Omar Feb 9, 2006 fileunderFound in Home

Quadrus Widget

On every product page you’ll see the interactive Quadrus widget. This powerful little tool gives you the ability to easily and quickly share your opinions with the world, while also allowing you to create customized lists to organize your products.

What Others Say

The first time you Tap a particular product, the number of taps increases by one, so you can readily see the number of other people that have Tapped. In the What Others Say section you can see how people really feel about the product, and if it’s a really hot item, or it’s something that nobody has.
For personalized lists, the Tag It option provides a lot of really interesting possibilities. When this button is clicked you can enter in any kind of tag at all. This is a simple way of sharing information about the product to other people, but also allows you to personally organize these products.
Clicking on Go To My Lists will take you to your user page where you can see all the products that you’ve tapped. Every kind of Tap is shown and you can filter your personalized product list by Love, Want, Have and every other custom tag that you’ve entered yourself.
With the custom tags you can do some really cool things. In this example below, my list shows all the DVDs that I’ve seen. Another way to use this system is to tag products as “Birthday Wish” you can then send the list to your friends and they’ll know what you want for your birthday really easily. Or if you can’t decide on which digital camera to get you can tag them as “considering” to remind yourself which ones you want to look over again later.
These are just a few examples of how this system can help you out, and with users having complete control over their lists the possibilities are endless.
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