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by Erik Oct 11, 2007 fileunderFound in Home

This is the official chat channel for the ProductWiki community. It is open to everyone, so feel free to discuss new or exciting products, ask questions about the site, bring up any issues you're having or just hang out and chat. Please understand that we're not always around (no, we're not ignoring you!) so if you have a problem or question please stick around and check back once in a while. Please do not ask questions about specific products, we probably can't help you. It would be a better use of your time to add a comment with your questions to the product page of the specific product you're looking into for others who have or are interested in the same product.

We are currently using IRC (Internet Relay Chat) on the Freenode network. This technology is a little ancient, and is therefore a little difficult for new or inexperienced computer users - but don't panic. It's extremely easy to connect and start chatting right away.

How to connect to the #productwiki channel

  1. Web based chat - recommended for beginners
  2. Use an IRC client
  3. Use Firefox extension ChatZilla

Side note: There are pros and cons for each of these three methods. #1 is easy for beginners and people who just want to drop by, but because it is browser based it is easy to close accidentally it isn't a good option for people who want to leave themselves connected for long periods of time or come back often. #3 is a little more permanent and easy to configure, but it requires your browser to be open. #2 is by far the best option for people who will desire to idle in the channel or see themselves returning to chat often.

Thanks goes out to Jan for setting up our IRC bot and the channel. 


1.  avatar Jan said:

Freenode IRC ports: 6665-6667,7000 (SSL),7070 (SSL),8000-8002  

Nov 20, 2007 1:13pm
2.  avatar Jan said:

I decided to offline the IRC bot so that the room isn't monopolized by RSS.
Dec 29, 2009 10:23am
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