ProductWiki v2.0 release

by Erik Nov 15, 2007 fileunderFound in Home

After many hours of hard work, the ProductWiki engineers have finally released a version of the ProductWiki platform worthy of a "2.0" designation. There has been, most notably, the addition of a new competitor system, where users add and vote on competing products in a head-to-head fashion. This new method of rating products has led to the development of what we're calling ProductWiki Top Picks; a system of highlighting the best products in their respective classes.

New Features

  1. The addition of Competing Products for systematically ranking products against each other head-to-head. Look for the "Competing products" section on all product reports
  2. The ProductWiki Top Picks product recommendation engine powered by the product voting. Start here.
  3. The inclusion of Most Active Categories on the front page to direct people quickly to the categories they are researching
  4. A Table of Contents (TOC) on the right-hand side of all product reports to make it easier to navigate the report
  5. Rebranding of "What's Happening" as Recent Changes and now is included as a stream on the front page
  6. A Related Products list on all product reports. Confused by the difference between a Competing product and a related one? Xbox 360 is competitor to the Wii, whereas the Wiimote is a related product for the Wii.

Other Changes

  1. The complete reworking of the overall style of the website with the bulk of the changes coming to product report page and home page
  2. Upgrading FCKEditor to version 2.5
  3. The use of Creative Commons License icon from Sweetie
  4. The creation of the Community Portal to help focus contributions and orient new members

More to come...

While this release marks a major milestone for ProductWiki, look for some more new stuff to be coming out very soon.

Please post any bugs that you find or any wishlist items in this thread.


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