So you want to add a product?

by Erik Nov 29, 2005 fileunderFound in Home

So you've been browsing around ProductWiki and you've decided that you want to contribute. There is no better way to contribute than by adding a product since the success of ProductWiki really depends on the comprehensiveness and depth of its catalog.


To add a product to ProductWiki you have to register first. It only takes a second, and there are other benefits to registering as well.

Click it!

Hit the submit button

To add a product you simply have to hit submit on the top of every page next to your name. This button takes you to the Add Product wizard where the system will guide you in specifying the various information that is required.

Step 1. Choose the Category

ProductWiki organizes products by Category.  So choose the most appropriate category for the product you wish to add.  If a chosen category has subcategories then you can continue to choose more specific ones.  You don't have to choose the most specific category however, sometimes the category doesn't exist, or the product just doesn't fit one.  In this case you can add the product in a more general category.  When you've selected the proper category, click on Next

Step 2. Fill in the details

There are three main sections to the product information.  The name of the product, the image, the description of the product and the product properties.

Product Name - As a convention product names should include the Manufacturer at the beginning, then the product line, and then the particular item number.  Some examples are Microsoft Xbox 360 (Manufacturer:Microsoft, Product Line:Xbox, Model:360), and Gibson Les Paul Swamp Ash Studio (Manufacturer:Gibson, Product Line:Les Paul, Model:Swamp Ash Studio).

Product Image (optional) - this value is used to upload an image from your hard drive to represent the product.  This image will act as the thumbnail of the product and appear in the various product lists, as well as in the top left corner on the product's page.

Product Description (optional) - the product description should be a one paragraph summary of the product.  Typical information should include what the product does, or how it's used, and what makes it unique from other products.  Subjective information such as reviews, etc should be put into a separate article or discussion.

Product Properties (optional) - these values are the way the product gets classified in a more detailed manner.  The properties that show up here are dependent on which category the product is being added to.  There are two ways to enter information into these fields, either by typing them out, or by choosing existing values from a list.  Choosing values from a list only works for categorization properties, numeric and date properties ahve to be typed in.  To choose the values from the list simply click inside of the textfield and a list will appear.  Using the keyboard or mouse select the desired value from the list.  You can narrow your results by typing in the beginning letters of the field.  Each categorization property can have multiple values, so you can select multiple items in the list, or separate typed in values with a comma or by pressing enter.

Once you've finished entering in the information you wish, click on the Add Product button.

Step 3. Summary

At this stage the product is added and you're given an overview of the product information you've submitted.  At this stage you can go to the particular product's page if you want to add supplementary information (reviews, extra pictures, etc) or fix any errors that may have happened.  You may also opt to go back to the product category you were in, or choose to add another product.



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