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by Omar Mar 13, 2006 fileunderFound in Home

When you've decided you want to write a new discussion you just have to click on the proper link.  In the community section on the overview pages of the site where other articles and such are displayed there is a link that says Start A Discussion.  The other way is to go to the discussions tab and click on the Start a Discussion button.

Depending on where you click that button the tags will be prepopulated with various values.  If you're on a category, the tags will contain only that category.  However, if you're on a product, then the tags will be filled with the category and all the attributes that the product is attached to.  You can modify what tags are chosen by clicking on edit tags and then deselecting tags by clicking on the box, and add tags by typing in the textbox.


1.  avatar byedesign said:

I work in a doggy day care and retail store
we sell Cuz toys and everyone loved them until the squeeker was moved from the bottom to the back. now the dogs de-squeek the cuz in a few hours or minutes - very sad - why mess with a good thing.
Sep 07, 2007 4:43pm
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