What are Tags

by Omar Nov 25, 2005 fileunderFound in Home

Tags are used to group together and classify articles, discussions, links and images. There are two types of tags
Established - refers to tags that are found in the product classification system; these are Categories, Products, Properties and Attributes. When browsing the site and looking at the attached items for the particular area, items that have been tagged with those names will appear.
Filter - refer to tags that don't exist inside the classification system, but instead are used to refer to the style of content contained within. When looking at a list of articles, images, or links, you can filter what kind of items you wish to see based on their tags.
To tag a content item, simply go into the edit view of a particular item and add new tags in the File Under section. Separate tags by commas, and the new tags will be saved when you press the save button. You can remove tags from the list by clicking on the box.


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