What is a Category

by Omar Nov 26, 2005 fileunderFound in Home

Categories are both content and a framework for content and are mainly used to group and classify products. At the top (home) we have all products, with the major product departments directly beneath. By choosing more specific Categories the number of products that match are decreased. For example, when looking at electronics, both iPods and Xbox360 will show up. However if you select Videogame Hardware then all the iPod products no longer show up, that is because they are in the Portable Audio category.
Categories also have associated properties with the more specific categories inheriting the general properties. For example, all products have a Manufacturer, Price, Release Date and Product Line, however, only some categories have a storage capacity. Products that have storage capacities are things like portable audio players and hard drives, it's obvious that a toaster doesn't have a storage capacity.


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How can I start a new main category?
Aug 18, 2007 11:20pm
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