What is high quality product information?

by Omar Mar 27, 2007 fileunderFound in Home

What's missing on the Internet, and what ProductWiki strives to create and provide is a resource for high quality product information. This statement is broken down into 3 parts: high quality, product, information. Below is a more thorough explanation of each.

High Quality

There are over 13,500 products currently on the site, with most of them offering the standard information, most of the time direct from the manufacturer.  I've personally added a few thousand products this way! But how much is it added to the overall quality of the net as a whole? The clean look and easy interface that doesn't throw a million ads at you helps, but I know I could do better. Instead of my product descriptions being average we can come together and collaborate on information to produce something exceptional. Something that stands head and shoulders above all the other information on the web.


Focus on individual products. In the past we've written buying guides, gift guides, etc. Which were cool, but there's a lot of that information out there. What's sorely lacking on the net in general is individual product information. When I was doing research into some of the small cars like the Honda Civic it was really friggin difficult! Honda's page was too flashy and obviously for advertising, car specific sites like Edmunds had a ton of extra information on new and used prices, and the essential information was just difficult to find. Having information about a product is something that is needed, and something that we can accomplish.

Now, what exactly IS a product? Sometimes it's obvious, whereas other times it's not so obvious; in general making that a difficult question to answer! But that's why it's new and exciting and useful. We'll figure out what deserves to be a product, and what should be part of a product, and over time the answer will become clearer.


Sometimes less is more, and more and less. That's why having every single little bit of information isn't always useful. My goal and the direction that I think makes the most sense, is in providing the essential information about a product. The goal being if I know nothing about the product then after looking at the product's page on ProductWiki I have a great overall sense of what the product offers me as a person wanting to use it.

How the information is structured, what goes in the description, key features, links and articles will be determined on a case by case bases and standards and policies will be formed to determine that. The community is intelligent enough to figure all these things out.


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