2008 United States Election

Posted by avatarOmar last updated February 12, 2008 at 1:04 pm

Now this is obviously a super hot topic in the world, and even as a Canadian I'm being swept up in the media hype and coverage. And honestly, I don't blame anybody for it. Who knew politics could be so exciting? People can place me under the cult of personality if they want, but I really do buy into Obama's message of hope and unity. It's ridiculously refreshing and the fact that he's getting ACTUAL support and is a real contender is absolutely amazing. I'm a cynic of the worst sort, so I never thought someone like Obama could even make it this far and make this much of a splash. The fact that he's gaining so much support is actually really encouraging to me for a lot of reasons.

I'll make the short leap and say I'm a public Obama supporter (not that it means much being in Canada). So one thing that has been bothering me about some of these talking points is this whole "Hillary is more experienced. Obama hasn't been in the senate for 4 years!!!!!111" 

Let's consider this for a moment. When people say that Hillary has experience they're implying that experience means skill, competence and expertise. Fine fair enough. But... where are the results? In the real test of her skill, knowledge and expertise she's being shown up by a complete newcomer! If her experience isn't enough to get her a nomination that many deemed "inevitable" then how can people be sure that her experience will be enough to deal with the MASSIVE challenges that the United States is facing, and will face over the coming years?

Other critics slam Obama for speaking in vague messages without much substance. But I say look at the results. Obama's vagueness is making real results, while Clinton's experience doesn't seem to be helping much.

As for the GOP. I'm still dumbfounded by Guiliani. I honestly thought he'd not only become the Republican candidate but actually win the presidency. And now he's totally out of it. Just incredible.