2008 United States Election

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Bigger Warning of personal political views.

I needed a break and don't have a ton of time (have been way too busy), was going to post in the movie thread and spotted this one. 
First up let me say that I live in 'America' (US[S]A) I was born here, but I'm not an american. There are two forms of 'natives' (first peoples; american indians) - BIA tribes (American citizens with special indian benefits, apx. 512 tribes) and NON-BIA tribes (non-american citizens commonly called domestic nationals, apx. 3,500 tribes). Needless to say I don't vote, and my views are internally outside (per se).
For the last 24 years I have studied law, history, politics and religion. The lines between them become very blurred depending on the country and timeline so you need to understand them all to help understand how and why things happened. I won't state what I do for a living as this board (like many others I visit) is for the specific purpose of escaping those things (but here I find I'm involved with them again, kinda heh).
America was originally founded as a Republic and rather than quote all the historical figures involved with that, recite the Pledge of Allegiance "and to the Republic for which it stands." 
There is a BIG difference between a Republic and a Democracy, loosely quoting "The manual of citizenship training" USGOV printing, 1928-1933:
A Democracy is naked communism; there is nothing but the will of the masses no law, rule, or order. A government ruled by the masses and subject to their whims.
A Republic is a nation of Law where the constitution is supreme, and there exists 4 branches of government; the executive to manage the day to day operations, the legislative to appropriate and pass laws, the judiciary to ensure those laws compliancy with the constitution, and the people whose rights are inviolate.
(You can get that book and read it yourself if you like; simply visit your local library and request an inter-library loan from the US Archives call number: JK1759.F86 there are also copies on the internet).
In any case it is very important that you understand the differences before you can understand the candidates. As, the political media event is a circus (a magic show).
Now; the Media Hype is just that (Yellow journalism if you will). It is intended to drag your attention around, to charge you with emotional issues and ignore the rule of law that is supposed to be your root founding. This is not much different than those bogus e-mails you get about immigration, gun control, et ala.
That you buy into it is exactly what 'they want' - they being the media that in the end promotes or discourages your vote by slanting the presentation to fit their own agendas (or the agendas of the controlling parent company). Commercialism at its finest. In fact a True Democracy - Mob Action.
The Question of Candidates:
That is simple. I can show where each of them have violated their oaths of office (taken under article 6) and committed multiple acts of treason. They should all be shot, or a petition should be made to present a vote of no confidence - IE: None of you.
Everyone says 'Ron Paul' is the best, and by his voting record he is (BTW: Check their voting record, IE: what they really do verses what they promise at (Project Vote Smart; http://www.votesmart.org) and do more than glance, see how they voted on a bill, and what that bill did.
Lets look at the others:
Clinton (Hillary), voting record:
YES - S. Amndt. 2351 on Guantanamo Bay - violation of Geneva Convention, articles of war - the same crimes Nazi's in germany were convicted of.
YES - S. Bill 1927. Allows wiretaps without warrants. (Treason, right to privacy without court order - COINTELEPRO violation).
YES - S amdt 2022. vote to deny Habeas Corpus to detainees held by the US government (Treason, right of habeas corpus (even applies to foreigners on american soil)
YES - HR 5005. Establishment of Homeland Security (secret police on american soil)
YES - HR 3199. The Patriot Act II
Obama, Voting record:
YES - S. Amndt. 2351 on Guantanamo Bay - violation of Geneva Convention, articles of war.
YES - HR 5441. allows confiscation of all firearms if any type of emergency is declared (Treason - violation of 2nd amendment)
YES - HR 3199. The Patriot Act II
McCain, voting record:
YES - SJ Res 14 & SJ Res 12 making it a crime to desecrate the US Flag (Treason - Violation of first amendment)
YES - S 254 to allow religious memorials at schools (Treason - Violation of First amendment, separation of church and state)
YES - HR 3396 prohibiting Gay Marriage (Treason, violation of privacy)
YES - HR 5005. Establishment of Homeland Security (secret police on american soil)
YES - HR 5441. allows confiscation of all firearms if any type of emergency is declared (Treason - violation of 2nd amendment)
YES - S Amdt 3907 making telecommunications companies immune from lawsuits on illegal wiretaps (Providing a governmental immunity to non-governmental business)
Please remember here, the US Supreme court is the final arbitrator of "Constitutional Rights" no matter your view on things. Roe v Wade and the latest gay marriage challenges are good examples of those 9th amendment rights. Once the US Supreme court has established those things as a right, you cannot take them away and trying it is treason. No matter your view, or my view on the matters, that is the final answer.
Before I finish here, let me put this in terms that most can deal with. 
I have had people tell me well so-and-so is not that bad, well you don't understand the political system then, so let me try it this way.
You are taken into a room, and told you are about to meet different candidates to become your child's mentor and teacher. You are then told they are all child molesters but these are the ones that only molested a few children, which would you choose?
These people, who are about to become a controlling force in your life, and your children's lives in the future, are who you are voting for. Ask yourself if you would trust them to manage your childs life or your own for that matter. Some call this the 'Political High Ground' and that is fine with me, as the current state of america, its foreign policies and internal problems are all results of compromise and little abuses that add up over years.
Shakespeare almost had it right, but not just the lawyers shoot the professional politicians and as well. That means those idiots you see on the TV lying to you day by day.