2008 United States Election

Posted by avatarCharon9 last updated February 21, 2008 at 6:10 am

I have to agree with the grass roots movement and this site as well, I think all forms of unbiased public information is very important (why I like this site and what it is trying to do). I must say, that normally I avoid these forms of conversation as I tend to build a lot of hatred from the average person when I talk about them, by the same token however I feel remiss in an (almost) lifetime of work if I ignore them.

I'm not telling you what to vote, etc. That is a decision that comes from information.  I think what I'm saying is more along the lines of what are your options, as if you don't explore them then you are stuck with what 'they' hand you.  I do a lot of political work with third party politics (Libertarian party, etc).  I just kind of find it funny that no one debates those candidates I guess. These third parties debate these exact things, but stick to the rules and laws - and when in office 99% of them stick to their guns because that is what put them in office to begin with. I guess this is in line with what you are saying that change must begin to stop what is happening before you can correct it, I think our disagreement will be in what form of change though.
In any case History shows us something different in situations like this.  If you go back and look at history the downfall of every nation can be found in political frustration; America would be a good example.  Left with no options to control their own destiny there first came a revolution (defined by Plato; a new way of thinking that normally leads to...) and then came the rebellion (...a rebellion).  Speaking of that same history, Rome was a Republic and devolved to a democracy and then was burned to the ground (per se). Russia was a democracy but shifted to a commercialist democracy with their 'fall from communism.'
I wish I could agree with the change from the inside verses outside, but that again has shown to not work. The AIM has attempted this many times over the last 30 years and there has been no change in the politics, policies, or events. France's fall attempted the same thing, and failed. The American Colonies attempted the same thing, and failed. Governments by their very nature are incapable of that type of change, it is like a river, it only flows one way until it meets a force that is more powerful than itself to cause it to backup. Take for instance the Excise Tax passed during the american civil war as a temporary way to pay for the war (note temporary) this same Excise Tax is still on every phone bill, etc. and it has been well over 140 years. Look at the Temporary Measures of the Patriot Act, all re-approved and now permanent law. A man named Wiseman did research into every temporary measure ever passed by the US, none were ever repealed and are all still in full effect.
Governments through history have proven that it will take a little bit of power under some temporary necessity and never surrender that power again.
I only want to say one more thing here: Stop being an armchair activist; Elvis found out that screaming at his TV and even shooting it didn't do a thing. Until you 'do something' then nothing gets done - and I know you are in Canada .... I have almost no knowledge of the overall politics up there; I do know they have the same Indian relation problems --- The Oka Conflict and that tells me they have a festering problem there as well.