Non-Community Question: What To Invest In?

Posted by avatarErik last updated March 3, 2008 at 2:36 pm

I do have a feeling that telecom will be going up over the next year because of the rise of on-demand video services like the Vudu, Apple TV, and Netflix. These services (especially when delivering HD) will increase the demand for Internet backbone bandwidth, driving growth in the industry.

That begs the question, duiu: What is the time period of the investment? If it's for school, so I would imagine that you're looking at only a window of a months until June or so. That's a pretty short-term investment, spanning only one fiscal quarter. Day-trading may get you better results. Look for a company that will be announcing their quarterly results, and buy stock in the company right before they announce their numbers if you feel confident they will have exceeded analysts expectations. You can always do the opposite with a short sell.

As for analysis and stock picking, Google has got a pretty good finance section with an active community. Example

Who knows, maybe Facebook will IPO in the meantime...