Rant: Why ISPs shouldn't also provide TV service

Posted by avatarErik last updated April 9, 2008 at 9:37 pm

I'm excited by the possibility of fiber-to-the-home technologies (see Verizon FiOS), except at the same time I'm worried they will also be susceptible to the same shenanigans. ATTN Google: become an ISP and provide fast, net-neutral access to the Internet. While GOOG is a corporation, I think their intentions are more aligned to the average Internet user.

@dialup: I used to think that Comcast throttled torrent traffic for one of two reasons: 1) prevent illegal file downloading, or 2) reduce the bandwidth used by their customers (like what Amanie was talking about). I've thrown out the first motivation, but started thinking about the conflict of interest. If you're downloading Flight of the Conchords from YouTorrent using your Comcast broadband account, then you are much less likely to subscribe to HBO with your Comcast digital TV account.