con rating bug

Posted by avataryaminb last updated May 16, 2008 at 11:50 am


Yeah, I was thinking of a checkbox / radio button option as well.  It would definitely be more neutral.

If you choose the radio button / checkbox way, the only thing I'd suggest is to rethink the count.  Right now, the count is nicely tied to the color of True/False.    So it's easy to see in the first 'pro' that the +10 is for True as it is green.  If you make both TRUE/FALSE boxes have the same color checkmark, you would lose that clarity.

A way around that might be to display the count to the right of FALSE if 'FALSE" is winning.  But I don't know how that would play out.  Never used a UI like that before.  Might be worth a shot to keep things really neutral.