Official ProductWiki software update thread

Posted by avatarErik last updated June 18, 2008 at 11:49 am

v2.1.1 released!

Last night's updated (9pm ET) included significant improvements to the product list pages as per community suggestion in this thread. The full list of improvements/fixes:

  • product lists: redesigned for both specific categories (leaf nodes, ie. televisions) and general categories (ie. home theater)
  • recent changes: added the ability to filter recent changes by category (ie. recent changes in home theater)
  • product summaries: the product summaries found in lists on the home page and category pages are now in a more compact and succinct form including pros, cons, price, and release date
  • home page: some changes to the look and layout of the home, most notably including pictures of products with categories
  • experts: you'll see list of most active community members on both category pages and product reports chosen by activity within that category or on that report
  • navigation:
    • there's a new navigation menu for traversing all the categories (you'll find it on the right of both recent changes and product lists)
    • you can toggle between recent changes and product lists with a link in the upper-right corner for each category
  • user messages: fixed the "see all" messages bug
  • suggested friends: fixed it. :)

Thanks goes to dialupinternetuser and yaminb for their help in coming up with some of the designs and finding some bugs.