ProductWiki Email Notifications

Posted by avatarOmar last updated June 30, 2008 at 4:05 pm

Sorry about that!!

I got the same message too!

Well here's the way it's supposed to work:

At 3pm everyday the system checks to see if there's been any activity to the reports on your "watchlist" or by the people you've followed, if so it sends out an e-mail to you.

When you contribute to a report it automatically adds it to your "watchlist" you can remove it from your watchlist by going to the report, and at the botton right-hand corner click on the button that says "remove from watchlist".

You can also see every report on your watchlist by going to and manage the list from there.

As for minal081... I'll have to check if that was supposed to happen based on the design, or if there's a bug in the system.