Product Deletion Policy

Posted by avatarYale last updated October 27, 2008 at 8:52 pm

 I completely agree.

I added a few products to the nomination list. I think they're good examples of products that wouldn't meet a 'notability requirement' - which I believe should be the deal maker or breaker for most of the products that find themselves on the list. Still, I guess a thorough writeup of what is accepted should still be posted -- to save people who believe their diaper cakes meet this overly subjective notability qualifier.

Maybe the most simple and effective system would be a short list of criteria (maybe 2 or 3), ending with this notability requirement if the test is failed. 

A good qualifier should be availability. If a product is only sold on a single website, or can only be obtained in select stores throughout Europe, Canada or a select number of states - it had better pass the notability litmus test...