Leaving Your Own Links on Product Details Section

Posted by avatarDTV Transition Guy last updated January 21, 2009 at 10:46 am

Hello Everybody out there! It was recently brought to my attention that Product Wiki will be changing there linking policy a bit and I wanted to get some feedback from the community regarding this...

I have been leaving links of my own reviews from my own website on some products and have been told to stop doing that. I completely understand the reasoning. It's quite a shame that spammers who post worthless links ruin a good thing for everybody... I really do feel that my reviews add value to the site and at the same time I am helping ProductWiki to expand their product database in cases where I add a product I have reviewed.

I guess my question is What should be done about this? I feel that my links are legit (administrators have agreed) and don't see how me not posting links in going to deter spam in any way.  The only way I can see them solving this spam problem is my eliminating the feature that allows you to leave links or by adding some type of catch in their system in order to stop spam links. 

I guess it comes down to whether we feel that having those added links is worth enough that we have to deal with at least some spam.  Because we all know that whether my links are posted or not there will still be lots of spam attempts.  Especially as ProductWiki continues to grow and become more well known.

What is your feeling on this whole situation? How to you feel about my personal links? If you want to see my site and decide for yourself of whether or not my links should be allowed then either send me a message or check out my activity in my profile, there you can find links to my site.

Thanks and any input is greatly appreciate.  This is a member driven website so hearing what other members have to say about it is usually the best way to get it right.


DTV Transition Guy