Top Products of 2009

Posted by avatarYale last updated November 2, 2009 at 12:37 pm

Remember our Top Products of 2008: A Buyers Guide? Based on your votes and feedback we listed the most popular products of the year just in time for you to get the things your family and friends wanted most for the holiday season.  Well it's almost that time again, and we've decided to let the community have some added say on what products are nominated. Lets talk first about categories, but make yourself heard quickly... these will probably get nailed down fairly early in the process...

Top Picks

  • Video Games - our most popular category from last year, everyone is always salivating at the latest and greatest,  and boy is there ever a long laundry list of amazing releases from this year. Video games are also an affordable - yet equally enjoyable - alternative to the majority of expensive gadgets and gismos listed.
  • Mobile Devices - our second favourite category and these devices just keep getting better and better. There is no better time than the present to jump on the new Android bandwagon, upgrade to the 3GS or get your first Blackberry.
  • Laptops - the third most popular category, there has been quite a bit of advancement in the last year - whether it be Core i7 powerhouses or sleek and affordable (or not so affordable) ultraportables.
  • Digital Cameras - I think this should be split into SLR and P&S categories. A ton of super exciting releases this year from Nikon, Canon, Panasonic and others...

Obvious Additions

  • Top LCD/Plasma TV - I'm not a huge fan of TVs, but thinner, brighter, better contrast, better blacks and a sprinkle of energy efficiency never hurt anyone. Not to mention these things are always getting cheaper!

Possible Additions

  • Monitors - I love monitors. But I'm probably the only one. They're not exactly thrilling. Still, this might just be a category to throw in, or keep on the backburner until we see some more LED backlighting, or a larger variety of eIPS and CPVA options - if that ever happens. Still, Dell's latest H-IPS U2410, a variety of 3D/120Hz gaming displays, the trickle of multi-touch options or Samsung's affordable C-PVA F2380 are nothing to feh at. We might even fool ourselves and include last years LED backlit 24" Apple Cinema display.

Potential No-Nos

  • MP3 players - The new Zune HD and slightly older Cowon S9 (it actually came out in December 2008)  pack beautiful displays and functionality only before seen on the Apple iPod Touch - which happened to dominate last years poll with 60% of the vote. Can they take it down a peg... or not? Lets not kid ourselves. Any other popular options? The Zen X-Fi 2? Ha!
  • Netbooks - last years fad? Netbooks have become more affordable, sleeker and have better battery life than ever before, but has anything really changed? Besides ION and Windows 7 becoming a reality there is nothing about netbooks that tickle my hoho. It's probably because of the same boring 1.6GHz Atom, a gig of RAM and some 10" 1024 x 600px resolution. Maybe next year!