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Posted by avatarrobertinventor last updated March 19, 2010 at 2:10 pm

Hi there,

I'm a software developer and added my product Bounce Metronome Pro to the software section yesterday. Edited it today - it was visible before I started editing and immediately after editing it disappeared. Tried adding it again and it disappeared mid edit again - no longer found when I search for the product.

Is this a policy matter or a bug? I was interested in ProductWiki as a site where I could have independent reviews of my software - and possibly using the Connect plug in to put them on my own site as well so users can vote pros and cons and add their own comments.

As far as I can see it fits your guidelines and should be acceptable so if it has been deleted I don't know why it was.

The website for it is here:


and I basically added an image, the first para from that web site, and a few links. Then thought I'd add the list of 24 main features at the end of the description and it was when I did that that the product vanished.

I have no wish to spam if this is against your policies in any way, just want clarification of what is and isn't acceptable and why.


Robert Walker