1-800 Got Junk, not so bad

Posted by avatarOmar last updated May 19, 2007 at 2:46 pm

It's spring, and that's usually associated with cleaning time. Well, after two decades of pileup there's a lot of stuff in my humble abode that requires cleansing. A lot of it is "big" stuff like BBQ, old lawnmower, etc. I thought about doing it all myself, renting a truck and hauling it off to the dump, and it's still an option, but I wanted to try out that new service of 1-800 Got Junk? I've seen the flyers around town, and the commercials and thought, what the heck.

The pricing scheme is interesting as you pay by volume and not the amount of time it takes. All Canadian prices btw: It starts at $98 and finishes at $498 for a full truck. And they pretty much do everything, it's "full service" as they claim. You tell them what to take and they'll pick through it and take the junk. After that they say they sort through the stuff donate things that are still working, recycle raw materials such as metals, and all of that. It's good to know that all the crap isn't just going on top of the junk and they probably make even more money by selling some materials.

So I called them up, ran them through the house and what I'd like to get taken and they gave me a quote which I found reasonable, and away they went. When the truck was half full (actually more than half, but they considered it half) he let me know, and asked if I still wanted to continue. Considering that the "half" coincided exactly with the garage and outer part of the house being done, I left it at that.

It does cost money. And when they're doing it, it actually doesn't take that long. I don't know if I'd go again, not because it's a bad service, it's great for busy people that don't have time, but because I do have some time and it's actually not that hard. Transportation is the biggest issue, so it remains to be seen how much it'll cost to rent a truck of my own and pay the landfill fees etc. Maybe it's actually not a bad price when all things are considered, but I'll have to do that investigation and get back on that.

So, if you have a lot of crap that you just can't seem to get rid of, I do recommend calling these guys, or something of a similar service (nobody else has commercials so I don't know of any) and the feeling of SPACE you get when they're done really is great.