I Can Read Greek?!

Posted by avatarsolokid776 last updated April 27, 2006 at 6:18 pm

I remembered that I wanted to talk some more about my Greco-experience.


Chavs are the term used to describe the young men that really have nothing better to do with their time than cause trouble.  They're not quite as bad as criminals, more like petty thugs or wannabe hoodlums.  Every society has these groups of people and they all take different forms.  In North America these guys usually become wiggers or skater-punks, with wiggers definitely being far more annoying.  In asia, I don't really know what these guys do, maybe in Japan they're the ones that become Otaku.  Now the thing about Chavs, and I've read some quite scathing commentary on them, but I personally have to admit they're kind of cool.  Or rather, I do appreciate their style.  Probably because it is derived from a football (soccer) background.  All the Chavs I saw had their hair the exact same way, namely in the style of Ronaldo from Manchester United, wearing a track top or football shirt of some sort.

Luggage Everywhere

While waiting in the airport and at the hotel I tried to take a look at what were the popular brands.  It was difficult to do this and not look like a total creep, but what I saw wasn't very surprising upon reflection.  The same usual companies kept on coming up, Jaguar, Samsonite, etc.  I said that makes sense since by the very nature of their industry these are international companies.  So it doesn't really matter what country you're buying your luggage in, most likely these manufacturers have a distribution channel setup, I mean it is luggage after all. 

Luggage really is a funny word if you think about it.