Community Question: What to do about carlo2007?

Posted by avatarjohnbellm last updated September 12, 2007 at 10:32 am

Ok, here is my take on what to do about Carlo2007.  Lets get a group of members together to track him down and once we locate him we should use the life size version of the Hillary Clinton Nutcracker on him!  That is of course if we can convince Hillary to come along for the ride.  Once we are through cracking his nuts we can wrap him in one of the Soia & Kyo Billy Coats (found on and push him out of a helicopter over the Northwest Territories in Canada.  We wouldn't want him to be cold while he is visiting Canada...would we?  Of course we could take photos of this entire event with our new Nikon D300 digitial camera (also found on and post them on the internet for all would-be Carlo's to see to discourage them from doing the same thing!  Just a few rambling thoughts from a member.


Cheers! - John Bellm