Community Question: What to do about "spam" articles?

Posted by avatarheapatrouble last updated September 25, 2007 at 11:33 pm

The examples cited seem to be nothing more than shameless commercialized spam. If I wanted an infomercial or to tune into the shopping channel, I know where to go for that. I certainly don't want to have to filter through it on this website. Further, I think that spam-fomercials such as Exhibits A and B along with product promotions (contests, whatever) only cheapen a website like which has, as it's main purpose (or so I thought) to be a legitimate tool for helping consumers make informed purchasing decisions. Commercials closer to the Dawn of Television used to fulfill that purpose, but now we have commercials for pharmaceuticals, etc which go on and on about the fact that the product exists and encouraging us to seek out that product but which fail to inform us as to why the product is valuable or significant. This is why I use my Tivo to fast forward through virtually every commercial. Which, is an incredibly long-winded exposition on why spam should be removed from this website. And now, I'll step down of this soap box before someone kicks it out from under me.