Community Question: What chat service to use?

Posted by avatarErik last updated October 15, 2007 at 10:37 am

Alright, so the chat channel has been up and running over the weekend, but it's now a matter of HOW to use it. People pop in and out, but since it's so early, there isn't always much going on. :(

I think we should have somewhat of a loose schedule where people generally come on. I know Omar, Amanie, and I will be online during the workday between 9am - 7pm ET (and sporadically at night). In the PW office, we generally plan our day each morning somewhere around 10.30 am, so that would be a good time to drop in and provide your two cents worth.

Suggestions on how to use the channel:

  • 1. content:
    • chat about new products to add to the site
    • collaborate to help each other with product reports
    • discuss product news
    • decide what to pin/promote to the front page
  • 2. administration:
    • resolve spam issues quickly
    • talk about any software bugs
    • request new features
  • 3. help:
    • provide real time help about how to use the site
Any other ideas/thoughts?