Community Question: What to Do About dialupinternetuser's Username?

Posted by avatardialupinternetuser last updated October 17, 2007 at 4:14 pm

dialupinternetuser: The name says it all. However, within a month and a half, dialupinternetuser will no longer be a dial-up internet user, but a user of Sprint Mobile Broadband. Which means my username is no longer correct. So, I decided to do the fun thing and create a little "vote" and try to decide what my new username for the ProductWiki community should be? What do YOU think? I'm taking any suggestions, and if I really like the new name, I will also use it as my Gamertag on XLink Kai.

I have some possible suggestions for possible suggestions...
  • Something related to internet speed (highspeeduser, userformerlyknowasdialupinternetuser...)
  • Something related to what I talk about on the site (Microsoft, Apple, Video Game Industry, High Definition)
  • Something random someone came up with.
  • NEW: Something that either contains dialup or can be abreveated to duiu.
Post your ideas down below, and as some get put up, I'll edit this post to list them. Feel free to post more than one and re-post (Is that a word?, it's kind of like using Wikipedia as a verb, technology taking over the English langauge). If there is one I really, really like I'll pick it, and if it's between a few I will start a vote in a new discussion.

Thanks for your "help" in advance...

NOTE: I don't like Bush, what the heck Omar?